The CIMA s.r.l. born in 1974 has always been a company engaged in the processing of manufactured metals in general, from aluminium traditional frames with open joint, to heat cut frames, including the whole range of curtain walls, aluminium skylights, pyramidal, vaulted, and 1 or 2 groundwater skylights, armoured doors for banks and commercial structures, internal diving walls, interior aluminium doors, aluminium circular frames, façade coatings, with alucobond or natural stone materials panels, industrial aluminium doors, etc.

The company is organised with its own technical department of design, equipped with autocad system, autocad 3D, cad cam, using exclusively technology advanced production and strict controls of quality. The CIMA s.r.l. has got a park vehicles and cranes for the rapid delivery throughout the national and international territory.

In the company development and in order to satisfy the customer, the company CIMA integrated his production with its own industrial paint plant, with quality control. It has a workforce of 55 employees who carry out their activities in 15000 square metres of structures. The energy of all these forces, coordinated by highly qualified workers, makes the company CIMA extremely versatile and agile.

Our customers rely quietly to the great flexibility of our production structures, knowing that the company will respect all the design constraints, keeping intact the quality/price ratio. This service is offered without imposition of standard or brand different from that of the project, as we are able to work on all national and foreign profiles and series.

Our products are guaranteed by the CE mark and our company is certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 and is in possession of OS6 and OS18B SOA certification.